The Arianee project is an independent, participative - organization whose mission is to build a global standard for the digital certification of valuable objects by promoting and supporting the adoption of the Arianee protocol.

Why Arianee


We are building perpetual relationships between brands and owners, made of trust, respect and transparency. We believe in giving the power back to consumers. We believe in openness and decentralization.

How Arianee


We develop industry driven, open source and decentralized technologies, thanks to cryptographic technology and distributed governance.

What Arianee


We give to each valuable object an authentic, secure and augmented digital representation.

We create a perpetual, private by design, communication channel between brands, owners and products.


Vision and Mission



A new luxury market

Consumption behaviors are changing. As social media explodes and new generations have a digital life of their own, the demand for data privacy is increasing. Sharing and liking but no tracking. Drops and limited editions are popping up on every corner and consumers turn into collectors and re-sellers. Enjoying the ownership as much as the product experience, living within communities defined by fashion and culture, blending luxury, streetwear, music and art.

Vision and Mission

What if brands could propose a radically new way to own their creations? What if they could offer the comfort, safety, trust, pleasure, and ease of owning a valuable good on top of the incredible feeling of experiencing it?

That would be true luxury.

What if, thanks to technology,  we could augment the ownership of goods, facilitating the building and transmission of collections, placing groundbreaking features at owners’ fingertips and creating a perpetual yet anonymous link between brands and owners throughout the lives of the products?

That would be true luxury.

Ownership revolution 


You want to be sure that your valuable goods are authentic.

Validating origin and proving ownership are critical to protecting them. As you use them, travel with them, and live with them, you want to be able to take care of them, to service them, and to insure them. One day, you may wish to transfer these valuables or even to sell one. In the meantime, you might want the creators of your treasures to contact you, to invite you, to reward you. Arianee can arrange all of this while protecting your privacy.

Augmented ownership - part 1
Augmented ownership - part 2

Open source 





We believe in pre-competitive collaboration, openness, decentralization, transparency, tokenization and privacy.
— The Arianee Project Founders