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The Arianee project is an independent, participative - organization whose mission is to promote and support the adoption of the Arianee protocol.

We invite brands and designers to Join Arianee to build a global standard for digital certification of valuable objects.

From discovery to industrialisation discover how you can come on board.

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Our experts and resources are available to educate members of our ecosystem on the blockchain technology, the protocol itself, and to help them understand the future of ownership.

Experience Arianee


Arianee is a protocol. Tomorrow your consumers will have a native wallet on their phones to welcome digital trusted certificate. Brands will have many options of interfaces that will simply integrate the protocol.

But tomorrow is not today! So we have developed a wallet app for final users and a web interface for brands and creators. Hence, we can start creating and distributing digital identities immediately!

Join Arianee


Members of the Arianee Project have the opportunity to embark in the protocol’s journey and participate in the establishment of a global standard for digital certification.

They can access dedicated workshops and collaborative events. They position their brands at the edge of the innovation space and collaborate in the future of the protocol. They also receive dedicated support from the team, allowing them to anticipate large-scale implementations of the protocol.