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Consumption behaviors are changing, new generations have a digital life of their own and the demand for data privacy is increasing.
What if brands could propose a modern way of owning their creations? What if, thanks to technology, we could augment the ownership of goods?

At Arianee we are building perpetual relationships between brands and owners, made of trust, respect and transparency.

With the Arianee protocol, ownership is augmented and groundbreaking features are added to the most valuable items.


The Arianee Protocol





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We invite brands, designers, developers and all organizations interested in the future of ownership to join the Arianee project to take advantage of the endless possibilities opened by the Protocol. Becoming a Member will give you access to all the tools, resources and support you need to get ready to implement the Arianee Protocol at scale.

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Discover how the blockchain and the Arianee protocol can contribute to your business.

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Start creating and distributing Arianee digital trusted certificats on a limited edition.

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Arianee Project


The Arianee project is an independent, participative - organization whose mission is to build a global standard for the digital certification of valuable objects by promoting and supporting the adoption of the Arianee protocol.

Blockchain based protocol

blockchain based protocol

Arianee uses blockchain for decentralized, independent and secure verification. It allows all users to trust each other without relying on a single centralizing third party. All the nodes in the network are needed to verify any event on the protocol so fraud by an individual actor is impossible and data is secured. In addition the distributed architecture of blockchain ensures higher uptime and censorship-resistance.

Open source & open service

Open source & open service

Open source is fast becoming a standard in the tech industry. This is because it has proven that it attracts a wider and more committed developer community and yields more innovation. While open source technology is at the core of all the most used internet platforms, data has become the new frontier for the open movement. Arianee's protocol is open service and offers open access to data streams.

Transparent & participative

Transparent & participative

User centric design is now a must. However user centric does not mean that the company has the user’s best interests at heart. For instance, while Facebook is focused on user experience, it has been proven to fake metrics to enhance sales. To prevent such frauds, Arianee is fully transparent and auditable. Moreover, the project's governance is shared with the members of the protocol's ecosystem.

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A blockchain based solution

Built on POA, the fastest Ethereum side-chain

Built on POA, the fastest Ethereum side-chain

0xcert framework for ERC-20 & ERC-721 implementation

0xcert framework for ERC-20 & ERC-721 implementation

Protocol inspired by ERC-721 Non Fongible token / smart contract

Protocol inspired by ERC-721 Non Fongible token / smart contract

Arianee Privacy Gateway

Arianee Privacy Gateway

ARIA, a utility  token

a utility

Open-source and protocol oriented

Open-source and protocol oriented


Arianee in the Press

The New York Times

“A digital certificate will help buyers get information about the piece”

September 2019 / Read Full Article 


“The real disruption is the decentralisation of the governance”

April 2019 / Read Full Article


“The digital identity is like a passport that assures the authenticity ” 

May 2019 / Read Full Article


“One of Arianee’s strengths
is its heavyweight
advisory board .” 

June 2018 / Read Full Article

Fast Company

“This had the potential
to change the customer experience.”

September 2018 / Read Full Article 

BFM Business

“Arianee assure un lien
entre les objets et leurs propriétaires.”

June 2018 / Watch the video 


Arianee is a member of


Union des fabricants Unifab
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
The non-fungible Alliance