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The Arianee Project Association ensures that the technology created by the founders will always be controlled, developed and improved by and for its users.

Our members


Convinced that tokenization would transform the way brands can address today’s digital marketing loopholes, the founders of the Arianee protocol wanted to create a low layer of technology that would not replicate the downsides of centralised web2 digital marketing. 

To make this possible, a new model was needed, blending the benefits of entrepreneurship (agility, innovation, speed, external capital) and industry cooperation in order to guarantee that the users of the protocol would be in total control on the technology they use.

That is why they created an association whose governance is shared between users (brands) and founders of the protocol, and which will ultimately be governed exclusively by its users. At scale, this protocol will generate the means and resources of its independence, allowing brands to continue to innovate.


Monthly meetups

Stay up-to-date on NFT news and market insights. Learn best practices and strategy from our tech and brand members.

Arianee Project Annual Event

General assembly & opportunity for all members to connect and highlight the year's accomplishments as well as those to come.

Arianee Events

The association members will receive exclusive invitations to Arianee press, brands and partner events throughout year.