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$ARIA20 THE fuel of the Arianee Protocol

Native to the Arianee Protocol, the hybrid utility-payment token $ARIA20 is essential for proper operation and enables economic incentives that reinforce decentralization.


How to stake?

We got you covered! Watch this tutorial video!

Where can I buy $ARIA20?

Aria is available for purchase on Uniswap , Uniswap (via Aria Staking website) , Quickswap or Bittrex.

You have other questions?

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What is a token staking?

Token staking is a specific time span in which holders of a crypto project are not permitted to transact or trade their tokens. Holders who choose to stake their tokens will receive rewards proportionally to their contribution.

Why is staking important?

Staking helps a project maintain a stable supply of tokens and their price on the market. This allows the network to remain functional, facilitating the team to develop their product against market noise.

What is the relationship between $ARIA20 and the Arianee Project?

$ARIA20 is one of the core elements of the technical architecture of the Arianee protocol. It is a utility token that ensures that all economics incentives are dealt with on-chain. This means that anybody can use the Arianee Protocol without ever having to deal with the Arianee Project non-profit. In other words, it participates to the decentralisaiton of the protcol.

Why is the ticker $ARIA20?

ARIA20 is the name of the ARIA when it is on the Ethereum Mainnet Network. The "20" stands for ERC20, which is the standard on which our token is built on Ethereum.In any case, you should always make sure you use the ARIA20 contract address when you trade Aria on Ethereum.