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Empower Your Customers with Digital Product Passports and Engagement Tokens

They build on the Arianee protocol

Our manifesto

Big tech peeks. Big tech leaks. Big tech moves fast and breaks things. 

The internet has grown into big black boxes tightly controlled by a few power players. Nothing we have created—from our social graph to our content —is usable outside of the platforms. Things were not always this way. We're here to revive the open internet we left behind, bringing back digital sovereignty for brands and users.

The core layers of the internet are being rebuilt.

Today's problems will never be solved with a quick fix. A complete redesign of the internet's architecture will. So here we are, building legos over statues, open-source components over proprietary platforms, laying the foundation for the internet of the future. 

We are not alone.

We work with smart brands and partners who don't accept the status quo. Who want to challenge the current Big Tech’s internet monopoly. Who pivot before they have to. Who value direct relationships made of trust, respect, and transparency with their users. Who set their eyes on circularity and responsible consumption. We are not just a company. We are a movement.

There's always a path through the labyrinth.

We owe our name to ancient Greek mythology inspired by Ariadne’s thread which led Theseus out of the Labyrinth. It’s our commitment to guide users through the maze of today’s murky internet. To most, web3 is outlandish. Our mission is to change that perception.