ICO overview

1. When does the token sale take place?

Round 0 : Private sale (invitation by core member, advisors, business partners) : 2018 may. precise date to be announced.

Round 1 : Pre Sale (invitation by first contributors)
Round 2 : Public Sale

During the ICO Arianee will announcing progressively the start and end dates of each round.

The ICO total during won’t be longer than 18 Weeks.

2. What’s the soft cap and hard cap for the token sale?

Soft cap 20M$ , Hard cap will be set after the Round 0.

3. What is the price of the token?

For the public sale the token price is 5000 satoshi per token.

4. What is the bonus structure for the token sale?

Round 0 (invitation by core member, advisors, partners) : minimum 30% discount

Round 1 (invitation by first contributors) : 20% discount.

Round 2 : no discount.

5. Is there a minimum/maximum to participate in the token sale?

We would like to welcome as much people as possible in the ICO. For this reason we didn’t set a minimum.

There is a maximum for round 0 set to 50 BTC.

6. What is the total token supply?

Known at the end of the public sale.

7. Will you issue more tokens to contributors if the price of BTC goes up?


8. Why does the contribution progress bar sometimes move down?

If KYC fail for some users it could move down the contribution progress bar

9. Is there a lock-in period or vesting schedule for the share of tokens to the team and advisors ?

Progressive monthly vesting during a 24 months period (2 years total). Locking period of 6 month after token generation event.

10. How do I qualify to buy tokens?

Private sale : core member, advisors, business partners invitation only
Pre Sale : private sale people invitation only
Public Sale : Application on arianee.org website + KYC post investement

11. What countries are forbidden from participating in the token sale?

US persons

12. Is there a minimum age to participate in the token sale?

You need to be over the age of legal majority in your country of residence.

13. When will the coins be distributed?

6 weeks after public closing day.

14. When the token will be tradeable ?

There is no locking period for ICO participants, the token will be tradable after the day of issuance.

Purchasing tokens

15. How do I join the whitelist?

Private-sale and pre-sale are on invitation only. For the public you’ll have to register on arianee.org website. If you register before public-sale you’ll be notified when the event starts.

Fee free to contact us if you think you can help us or qualify for pre-sale rounds.

16. How do I purchase tokens?

First you need to register on arianee.org website. Then you will be informed when a specific sale is open. When the sale is open you’ll be able to send your BTC to a specific personal wallet given by arianee.org website. The only way to buy token is on our interface on Arianee.org.

17. Can I participate with fiat or other cryptocurrencies?

The ico is based on BTC and the automated platform is natively built to accept BTC.

Nevertheless for large amount we could accept Fiat money or ETH but it will be converted in BTC at the time the transfer hits the account or wallet. Arianee’s team is happy to give you assistance for this point.

18. How do I know if my token purchase has been confirmed?

On the Arianee’s ICO platform, you can check your account

19. How can I check my token balance?

On the Arianee’s ICO platform, you can check your account

20. Where can I see my order history?

On the Arianee’s ICO platform, you can check your account

21. Can I buy tokens multiple times during the token sale?

Yes you can make multiple contribution for the ICO from different wallet. You will have a dedicated BTC address.

22. What to do if I’m not sure whether my transaction is confirmed?

You can contact us on [email protected], arianee’s discord, or by chat on arianee.org website.

23. How will the coins be distributed?

Via an ERC20 smart contracts on the Ethereum Main Network, up to 6 weeks after the end of the ICO

24. Can I use MyEtherWallet/Metamask/ImToken/Ledger to receive my tokens?

You need to use one of these wallets. You need to own the private a way or another. You can’t use Exchanges wallet.

25. What are examples of ERC20 compatible wallets?

MyEtherWallet, Metamask, ImToken, Ledger are compatible with ERC20 token.

26. Can I send BTC directly from an exchange?

Yes you can. The receiver address is unique for each contributor.

27. What if I only have an exchange ETH wallet to receive my ARIA tokens ?

You need to a create a wallet compatible with ERC20 token.

28. When will the KYC/AML take place?

All along the ICO, we do KYC check after we have received the first contribution.

29. Where is the white paper/pitch deck for the token sale?

You can find the White Paper on arianee.org.

30. Do you have a white paper in other languages?

The White Paper is available in 11 different languages.

31. Where can I find the terms and conditions for the token sale?

Coming soon

32. Will you do AMAs before the token sale launch?

Yes of course, stay tuned on our Telegram / Twitter account.

If you are head of community feel free to contact us.

33. Will you give refunds?

If we do not reach the M softcap, we reserve the right to reimburse ICO participants.

Token details

34. Are the tokens minable?


35. Are you going to audit the token smart contract?

Yes each smart contract produced are reviewed by an external audit service.


36. What is .arianee?

One liner : Arianee is an protocol based on blockchain technology to manage digital ownership and authenticity certificates for valuable object.


Arianee aspires to become the world’s leading universal protocol for the management of digital certificates of ownership and authenticity for objects. Our vision is to build the first perpetual, anonymous and trusted record of all global assets, enabling a revolutionary marketing link between owners and brands.

37. What makes .arianee unique compared to its competitors?

We believe that adoption of blockchain solutions will only take-off when user interfaces are as simple as the tools users currently use. This is why Arianee will not only develop the blockchain protocol but also a suite of applications for all users. The first two applications developed by Arianee will be:

  • The Owner’s App, a mobile application where users can register and manage their products,
  • The Brand Terminal, a web-interface where brands can manage their authenticity certificates and communication with product owners.

The Arianee founding team has decades of experience building and scaling web based user centric platforms whether at Vestiaire Collective, Overblog or Teads.

38. Why does .arianee need to be on a blockchain?

We believe blockchain technology is a means to achieving a better internet where users have control over their data. There is an emerging demand from users to regain control of their data and it will keep on growing. Our hybrid technical solution uses a blockchain to provide a trustless decentralized database of valuable goods certificates, and more traditional centralized servers to build efficient and easy-to-use interfaces.

39. Will .arianee have its own blockchain?

Yes, Arianee develops its own blockchain. For now, the Arianee blockchain is a copy of the ethereum code-base adapted to fit the requirements of a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism. We however reserve the right to use a different technology in the future if a more mature solution was to emerge.

40. What will the token be used for?

ARIA is a utility token used to pay for specific types of actions on the Arianee blockchain: issuing authenticity certificates and sending messages to owners. This token is introduced to reduce the risk of spam. We have voluntarily designed the protocol so as to not charge owners because we are convinced that owners need to embrace the product and use it as much as they want if Arianee is to be successful.

41. How will .arianee use blockchain technology in the product?

Arianee is a hybrid system using both a blockchain and more traditional servers when they are most efficient.


We use a decentralized blockchain to securely store the unalterable digital identity of authentic objects. While we use a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism with a limited number of nodes allowed to seal blocks, anybody can run a validation node to audit the integrity of the Arianee blockchain. In extreme cases, this would also enable anybody to fork the Arainee blockchain and use it to replicate the Arianee platform.

42. Is there a public roadmap?

Yes. You can find it on the website arianee.org

43. Do you have a prototype or a beta?

Yes we have a prototype of the blockchain running on an alphanet. Moreover, owners can already download the Owner’s app to register their products and earn bonus ARIA.

44. Are you going to have a beta?

Yes in Q1 2019. You can find a detailed roadmap on arianee.org

45. When will the product go live?

The Arianee platform will be live in Q2 2019. You can find a detailed roadmap on arianee.org

46. How big is the team?

We are a team of 12 people.

47. Are your developers full-time employees?

Yes most of the team is full-time.

48. Are you hiring?

We are always hiring good profiles. If you think Arianee absolutely needs you, get in touch with us at [email protected]

49. When did the development begin?

Development started in November 2017. You can find more info on our Github repo: link.

50. Does the company have team members speaking different languages (Korean, Chinese)?

Yes we have a Spanish, Korean , Japanese , Russian , German , chinese , french , portuguese , Italian , arabic , Hindi, Hebrew

51. Where are your offices located?

Head quarter are based in Paris.

52. What is the company’s legal structure?

French Company SAS

54. How do I keep up to date with the current news?

You can signup to our mailing list on arianee.org

55. Are you a tagging technology (RFID,..) ? How do you do you integrate with other business solutions?

Arianee is a digital layer which assigns an identity to any object. It integrates into existing business processes and works with any existing tagging system (serial number, RFID, holograms,…).


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