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Reclaiming the web: Pathways to digital empowerment

How brands are leveraging Tokenization of Real-World Products and Memberships to Restore Internet Sovereignty and Drive Innovation.

The challenges with today's centralized internet structure
The path to take toward restoring the internet as a common good
The role of the Arianee framework in using tokenization to regain data control


This position paper examines today's internet, a departure from its original vision of opennes, now dominated by a few platforms that set the rules for our digital interactions, economy, and playfield.

This concentration of power creates significant challenges for both individuals and businesses, curtailing innovation. We seek to identify where to begin and which path to take toward restoring the internet as a common good that is open and accessible without prior permission, with scale.

Why the $aria20


Ensure consumer confidence

To prevent external entities from acting as intermediaries, it is crucial to bind the economy of the protocol directly to the protocol itself, ensuring they are inseparable and no one can regulate access.


Brands' vision for sustainability

The brands involved with Arianee envision a future that spans decades. The core utility of the $aria20 token is crafted to foster Arianee's sustained independence, securing its autonomy from other tokens or cryptocurrencies.


Protocol flexibility

Arianee's protocol remains agnostic, capable of deployment across various blockchains as needed, all while utilizing the same $aria20 to ensure uniform functionality.


Ready for expansion

To date, bridges to POA and Polygon Mainnet have been established. Preparations for the upcoming integration with Polygon CDK Arianee are in place to accommodate the expected significant business growth in 2024.

Why the $aria20